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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use easy2commute for my daily commuting to office?
The objective of this website is to help office goers to find other commuters who travel on the similar route. In just three steps: (1) Register, (2) Add Route and (3) Search Pool, you can contact potential car poolers and begin pooling with them.

Are registration and activation necessary for using E2C?
In order to search and contact a potential car pooler, you need to be registered on the website. After you have Registered on the website, an activation link is sent to your Office Email address which you need to click in order to activate your account. Unless you have activated your account from your Office Email, you can neither contact other registered car poolers nor would other users be able to search and contact you.

I registered on your website but haven't received any confirmation mail yet. How do you activate my account?
The confirmation mail is sent to you immediately after you have submitted the registration form. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 2 minutes of registering on our site then there could be three primary reasons for this:
(1) You entered an incorrect Office Email address
(2) Your Office Mail server assumed our confirmation email to be spam and hence blocked it from reaching your mailbox
(3) Your mailbox labeled the confirmation email as Junk/Spam and automatically forwarded it to your Junk/Spam/Trash folder

To diagnose the problem we would request you to try these remedies below:
- Check your Junk/Spam/Trash folders, incase the confirmation mail was redirected from inbox to these folders
- Try registering again on the site with your correct office email address. In case you had entered an incorrect office email address during your earlier registration then you will be able to re-register with your correct office email address.
- If all remedies fail, then send us a blank email from your office email address with subject as 'Account Activation'. We will review your case and assist you in activation of your account on Easy2commute.com. Click here for our contact details.

Why do you need my Office Email Address?
In our endeavour to provide you a secure environment on E2C, we have incorporated several level of security checks. The Office Email address is one such security check. When a new user fills up the registration form, we send an authentication link to the user's office email address. The user is required to click on this link to complete the registration process. Through this process we are able to verify that the corporate email address provided by the user actually belongs to the user. Moreover, at the time of HR Verficiation by your Company, the Office Email address is one of the parameters that is verified by the Company. This way, we are trying to ensure that only corporate users with authentic credentials register and use this site.

I cannot use my Office Email for personal use. How do I register and use E2C?
If you do not wish to use your Office Email address then you can specify an "Alternate Email" address at the time of registration. Though for the security verification we would still require your Office Email address. Once you have been authenticated through your Office Email address, you can choose to use only your Alternate Email address for receiving all car pool invitations/notifications and E2C mailers. This way you can avoid any E2C communications being sent to your Office Email address.

What is an "Employment Verified" user on Easy2Commute.com?
"Employment Verification" also refered to as "HR Verification" or "User Verification" is an additional security measure undertaken by Easy2commute.com to ensure that the employment credentials provided by the users are accurate. For this, E2C has tied up with various employers who help us in verifying the employment credentials of the users that register on this site. When a new user registers on Eeasy2commute.com his/her Name, Email, Designation and Gender information is sent to his/her employer for validation. Once the designated HR/Admin representative of the employer confirms to us that the information submitted by the user is accurate, the status of the user on E2C gets automatically upgraded to "Employment Verified" user. The status is also represented by a golden star that is displayed adjacent to the username of the verified user.

My employer has not yet tied up with E2C. How can I become an "Employment Verified" user on Easy2Commute.com?
It is possible that we may have not contacted your organisation because there were no users from your organisation registered on this site yet. However, we would be happy to tie up with your organisation for the Employment Verification process. You can either forward the E2C Corporate Presentation to your HR/Admin Manager or Senior Management so that they can contact us or alternatively you can send us their contact details and we would be happy to reach out to them. Till we are able to tie up with your employer, we would not be able to perform your Employment Verification on Easy2commute.com.

What is "Do Not Disturb" and how can I activate it?
"Do Not Disturb" is a feature that allows users to block any further carpool inivitations from Easy2Commute.com. Users can make use of this feature under the following circumstances:

  • You have already found a carpool and therefore would not like to receive any more carpool invitations
  • You are temporarily not looking out for a carpool and therefore would not like to receive any carpool invitations
  • You are looking for a carpool but would prefer to contact other users instead of letting other users contact you
You can enable the "Do Not Disturb" feature through the "Edit Prefrences" link on the "My Profile" page. You will be required to be logged in to access the "My Profile" page. When a user enables "Do Not Disturb" then a red icon is displayed adjacent to the username in the search results. While other users will be able to view your route in search results, they will not be able to contact you.

How do I search for routes and contact poolers on E2C?
In order to search and contact potential car poolers, you need to be registered on the website. Once you have registered and activated your account, you may add your route and search for other commuters on the same route. While we have added a comprehensive list of areas to our database, there may be chances that our website does not suggest an area based on your specific inputs. In such a case, please enter a more popular area close to your residence/office. Or alternatively you could select your specific areas using our visual map interface. To use the map interface, you may click on 'Show on Map' in the 'Search A Pool' page or in the 'Add A Route' page. You could also write to us for addition of a new area in our database.

Once you get a list of other commuters traveling on similar routes, you can view their details (like username, company, designation, from, to, starting time, gender, verification status) by scrolling over the 'details' link corresponding to each user. Depending on your comfort and convenience you could contact the users by using the "Contact poolers" button at the bottom of 'Search Results' page. This features send a "pool request" to the contacted user.

How does E2C maintain privacy of my data?
We have utmost regard and concern for your privacy. In the search results page, a user only gets to see your username (not your actual name), From, To, Start Time, Designation and Company, but not your Address, Mobile number, Date of birth, Email address and other details entered by you at the time of registration. When a user contacts you through the site, you get a 'pool request' in your mailbox. Only if you find the details of the other user suitable for car pooling, you accept the pool request. Once accepted, both you and the other user get to see eachother's Name and Email address. Through the Email address, you two can get in touch and figure out other details of the car pool. At no point will your Address, Mobile Number or Date of Birth be shared with any user of E2C or with any third party. We would encourage you to go through E2C's Privacy Policy for more details.

How does “Search a Pool” feature work?
The search pool program searches for other users who travel on similar routes and close to your starting and returning timings. By default, the program suggests users

  • who live or work within 3 km radius of your home or office respectively
  • who start from home within +/- 30 minutes range of your specified timing
  • shows users of both genders
  • shows both verified and un-verified users

The search results also show other details like designation, company name, from and to location, landmarks, start time, gender, user preferences (smoking, punctuality, etc.) and verification status. However, the name, email id and other personal details of the user are never displayed on the site. Based on your preference, prudence and personal judgement, you can contact other users.

You can further filter/refine the search to narrow down the results. You can filter users by gender, verification status, distance to which you are willing to travel to join a car pool and flexibility in timing to which you are ready to adjust. The application automatically refines the search results based on your selected filters.

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